Bungie Jumping tweets

★Cricket ★

@KalElizabeth you make me want to tie a rope around my neck and go bungie jumping


11 years ago


I honestly think my only fear is growing up, I'm ok with movies, jumping into traffic and even bungie jumping but I never want to grow up


11 years ago

twisted Apparel

@SpunkyMMAJunkie bungie jumping or skydiving would be other times I may skip the joe as well :P


11 years ago

Orion Rowland

You should try bungie jumping with silly-string.....


11 years ago

Destiny Moore

I will never go bungie jumping ever, a broken rubber brought me into this world, I'm not getting tooken out with one


11 years ago

Sara Halysa

@AtqhA hahaha. Okay okay, serious. *serious face* >:[ MY 1ST OFFICIAL PLAN WILL BE: LET'S GO BUNGIE JUMPING!!!!!! Not kidding.


11 years ago


12 more days on earth. I need to go bungie jumping and sky diving!


11 years ago

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