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Battalion 1944

Major Update 2 is coming soon! Check out the changes to weapons and movement to end the bunny hopping and corner ju…

1 week ago


Video games have held my attention for as long as they can tonight. Guess it's time for The Sad Hours

2 minutes ago

DVa Bot

Hey They have to own all those old video games That's so old-school No one's beating my APM Boosters engaged Bunny hop Boosters

31 minutes ago


RT @GAME_AbemaTV: 毎週月・土曜日よる10時 #わけありベジー💁‍♀️ \5- /26(土)の放送は?/ 😍マホト × なるせ😍 🍅見所🍅 バカゲー「Super Bunny Man」で放送は大荒れ!? ベジタブルなセリフのお題は「ラ- ップ調で言ってほしいセリフ」。…

2 hours ago


LeBron James had to be Bugs Bunny in that cartoon at home to stave off a run from a Celtics team where two of their…

2 hours ago

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