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the theory of that sun only gravity maintains these all planets never parted from,,I wonder,are so questionable,,fo…

3 weeks ago

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Laurence Tribe

This is just short of literally insane. Not a single part of this wacko tweet from @realDonaldTrump is anywhere clo…

2 weeks ago

Dr.Darrell Scott

The obsessive hate that the fake news media has for the Potus is unprecedented in American history, and the entire…

2 weeks ago

andy lassner

Reminder: The entire Trump family spent charity money on themselves. Happy Friday.

2 weeks ago

Bob McElrath

@specialenmity @csuwildcat @uport_me @SovrinID @evernym You don't want a hardware wallet for this, the ux is terrib…

2 weeks ago

con johnstantine✨

RT @faikittyy: 49. Literally my favorite post on that entire god forsaken website

2 weeks ago