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Andrew Jason Vasquez

Anyone wanna buy an Xbox 360 250gb HD? Hit me up if you're interested, 8452144745

7 years ago

sozan abdillah

RT @BI_TheLife: 10 Glass Houses You Can Buy Right Now by @mkgalante

7 years ago

Lucas Angelus Chiew

@iPwenguiin ya hor zhao zhi dao buy a live de chinchilla give Mun Jing ma good... RM250 like that... But dunno her dad will kill her mou

7 years ago

Alistair C

Any recommendations for where to buy suits? I have an M&S one currently (weddings/interviews/funerals- ), need to invest in another for work.

7 years ago


@LaurenHoeeey buy me something nice yeee

7 years ago

Ed Sheeran∞

my life goal is to buy out an entire concert and then the artist will come on stage so dramatically and it wi…

7 years ago

jordan treadaway

you know your shopping addiction has reached an important level when you wish you had a kid so you could buy a marchesa for target dress.

7 years ago

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