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Andrew Jason Vasquez

Anyone wanna buy an Xbox 360 250gb HD? Hit me up if you're interested, 8452144745

11 years ago

sozan abdillah

RT @BI_TheLife: 10 Glass Houses You Can Buy Right Now by @mkgalante

11 years ago

Lucas Angelus Chiew

@iPwenguiin ya hor zhao zhi dao buy a live de chinchilla give Mun Jing ma good... RM250 like that... But dunno her dad will kill her mou

11 years ago

Alistair C

Any recommendations for where to buy suits? I have an M&S one currently (weddings/interviews/funerals- ), need to invest in another for work.

11 years ago


@LaurenHoeeey buy me something nice yeee

11 years ago

Ed Sheeran∞

my life goal is to buy out an entire concert and then the artist will come on stage so dramatically and it wi…

11 years ago

jordan treadaway

you know your shopping addiction has reached an important level when you wish you had a kid so you could buy a marchesa for target dress.

11 years ago

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