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Vine 2.0 is coming back to give TikTok a run for its money!

1 hour ago

Byte Of Info

@JohnFugelsang Because it's an election gift to Trump. So he's going to pounce on it and run ads using that segmen…

3 hours ago

Richard Larson

@richsentme @Gater_Byte Yes please! I missed out on the first run as well, and would love to buy one when they're available again.

3 hours ago

robert wolfe

@seanhannity This is predictable, once the Dems complete the destruction of Biden, she will be paraded out as the s…

4 hours ago

Shawn Rosell: The Black Vlogger at Disney World

So Byte is for those creators that run around saying "I like to make vids because I like making vids" so there you…

4 hours ago

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