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Come on Apple, you've run into 300 byte chunks.

3 hours ago


RT @Nextclouders: Want to set up your personal server quickly? Run your #Univention server with the preconfigured Nextcloud Appliance! http…

9 hours ago

Sugar Free💓

RT @dushyantlksec: Whatever you do, don't run back to what broke you

11 hours ago


RT @Liberienne: They don't actually want you, they just want their sense of control back. Run for the hills.

11 hours ago


@carolfromindy Gerrymandering. because they R afraid to run fair election. Yet they complain about elections in other countries. BS.

14 hours ago

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1 month ago


This time-lapse shows how a neighborhood in Houston was submerged by flood waters in under 24 hours…

1 month ago

Dinesh D'Souza

Don't just boycott--go on their website & give them customer reviews that will make this dude's eyes pop out of his…

1 month ago


RT @ulrele: 뭉가야 북괴 돼지가 또 미사일 쐈다는데.. 이번엔 고강도도 아니고 저강도도 아니고 중강도냐? 이번엔 뭐라고 할거냐? 너도 답답하지? 북괴 애들은 답이 없어 이제라도 정신차려. 먼저 박대통령부터 석방하고.. https://t.c…

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RT @tengbiao: 沈阳访民廉建国被关押期间死亡 访民发文关注被失联

1 month ago