Cable Tv tweets

duttafikra abduhamid

Watching tv cable program for all day long, poor me -_-

7 years ago

`A1_ Smoker`

"Its Nothing On TV Nd I Got Cable WTF

7 years ago

Emm Cee Do Well

I can't wait til I'm home with real cable tv with TV guides bc this is for the birds

7 years ago

Monica Kelly

Inception: a movie that should've never been sold to cable TV. Been watching Tbilisi movie for at least 3 hours.

7 years ago

Angie G.

I wish I had a tv with cable in my room **

7 years ago


TV remote good, cable remote dead. Only channel I can get is #ESPN ..... and #ImCoolWitDat

7 years ago

leesa huynh

My dad told me he got me "cable" but when I turn on my tv it only plays Vietnamese channels. Lol more like cable for him **

7 years ago

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