Captain Morgan tweets

Dakota Kohler

RT @_shellray: Lets set sail with Captain Morgan and we will never leave dry land. ⛵

6 years ago


At the liquor store my kid wants to say his ABCs. nnWell...nnA is for Absolut.nB is for Bacardi.nC is for Captain Morgan.

6 years ago

Randy Frank

@leewatsoninc friend of mine priced stormchasing tours. Crazy expensive. Im up for binoculers, Captain Morgan, an a fast car.

6 years ago

Andrea Photiou

@kay_myott @momo_millz possibly depending on captain morgan (:

6 years ago

Collin McKenzie

@TDowns4 @Tony09_12 @boseay @wfburchell19 @chaseriddle @averagejobo @thebencoffman Got a reply from Captain Morgan!

6 years ago

Marco Tee

Bacardi, emp light, captain morgan, red horse.. Shot pa migow! Hahaha

6 years ago

Ben Sizemore

@TElvin44 look for the canopy that has captain Morgan on it and come say hi. We're right in front of that pole

6 years ago

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