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Omg i just saw this on insta . my real dad car , the window dpn pecah sia because of this coconut . ****

9 years ago

Alan George

Car doesn't wanna start -.-

9 years ago

Niall Spruce

@LivSmurthwaite haha it wasnt my car it was my mates his dad a proper wierdo xx

9 years ago

Executioner's Bong

@edcasson saying that, roachy loved a good old fashioned cover-up so he'd probably have torched the evidence in the sunhill car park

9 years ago


RT @HomelessWords: The best part of waking up underneath an overpass is the sound of a car crash in the distance #nosleep #fml

9 years ago

Nurain Mohamed Kalam

Wht is wrong with me?.. Looked all over the house for my handbag... Went back to the car, i actually left it in there!

9 years ago

Sara Berman

RT @Viktor_and_Rolf: Today it's exactly twenty years ago we moved to Paris. In an old car with two suitcases.That day we started working ...

9 years ago

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