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I hate the straights. One of my clients have two separate trusts and the husband named his the *** dog trust and th…

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Julia ◟̽◞̽

am I the only one who has an entire list of potential dog and cat names for when I finally have the time to adopt a pet

2 hours ago


i’m sorry i can’t stand non-human names for pets i’m so sorry just take mittens the cat or lucky the dog and go

6 hours ago

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This is Coconut. She has a very important puplic service announcement. Hopes you hear every word. 14/10 #BeAVoter (…

1 month ago

♡ Thoughts of Dog

i took a little trip. to the school down the road. and waited very patiently. as the human checked some boxes. to try and change the world

1 month ago


RT @liamtwose: Make sure you only use the most popular #gamedev engines or tools! Don't stress about them being fit to measure, there's an…

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