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Caribbean Tots2Teens

Epilepsy is only one of the MANY causes of seizures.

7 years ago

Grace ∞

@danisnotonfire fandom infection (also known as fangirlitis) - seeing something of extreme beauty that causes brain shutdown and/or seizures

7 years ago


Lack of sleep causes me to have seizures. ******

7 years ago

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Jennine Freestone liked Top 10 Causes of Seizures in Children: Majority of seizures in children have unknown root…

7 years ago

Dede !

This flu commercial says it gets rid of flus but causes seizures tf ?

7 years ago


The doctor tried to give my mum some kind of halucinogen for her back, it causes seizures, and gives you suicidal thoughts...great doctor

7 years ago

Yea... Its Me!

!!!!! RT @vmock: Break up happy homes, relieve head aches, cause seizures, causes slight cases of amnesia RT @_ifyouseekay: @vmock WDMD?

7 years ago

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