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sabrina jonas♥

OMG my dad bought a karaoke CD w/ 64 songs! :D like all the "radio" songs aaaahhh I'm gna enjoy my sweet sixteen so much lmaoo

6 years ago


RT @Adam_Rockett: Lost my christmas karaoke CD #Depressed

6 years ago

Adam Rockett

Lost my christmas karaoke CD #Depressed

6 years ago

Kerry Powell

Xbox Online Karaoke Charges By The Hour | Neon Tommy: It's not unusual for karaoke bars to charge patrons an hou...

6 years ago

juliana kassis

"make your own music at Home" with our new special karaoke CD's collection. Plz check the albums for reservation and more information

6 years ago

Carly`s BESTIE

@carlyraejepsen call me maybe is on every karaoke CD

6 years ago

Faith ♥

when I was a little I use to walk up & down the steps with a towel on my head and a karaoke w/ my barbi CD & sing "kiss me baby 1 more time"

6 years ago

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