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Kosovare Asllani

🇪🇸 Proud to announce that I’ll be the first official signing for Real Madrid/Cd Tacon. Excited to write history, t…

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official A.C.E

A surprise event for SNS staff! Yesterday, Jun introduced the CACTUS and Callin' limited edition non-sold CDs on…

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Dr Gina

600,000 women pulled out of poverty. Lowest unemployment for women in 65 years. Doubled child tax credit and ma…

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just now


RT @milk_info: 本日の大阪 リリースイベント、CD販売は予定のトレカ封入商品は終了しま- した。引き続き、トレカ封入無し、の商品でよろしければ販売続- けております。(SDR)

just now

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