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#nowplaying The Letter Black - Sick Charade

7 years ago


It's almost time to end the charade, eh 'Kain'. #symbionictitan #toonami

7 years ago


Artist=The Letter BlackTitle=Sick Charade #NowBlasting #NowPlaying #NP@ #ChristianRock #ListenNow #ChristianMetal

7 years ago

David Kahale

The sudden onset depression that effects teenagers has come upon me -.- I don't have time for this charade #crisis #smile #unbothered

7 years ago

Blinkie Pie

@SoundOfNomad *she can't keep the charade up as she bursts into a fit of giggles, arms and legs spread out now. Her tail modestly covers --

7 years ago


Sometimes it's all just a charade, a game and sometimes it's not.

7 years ago

Pammie CoCo♥••

Don't hurt me I don't have what it takes....I can see your Charade!!

7 years ago

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