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RT @SavetheChildren: In honor of #WorldAIDSDay, take a moment to learn more about the issues & find out how we're helping: http://t. ...

6 years ago

Ian & Lise Manley

Arriving in style with @AvantGarde_RSA for the Homestead charity gala event. Their chauffers are trained in both security & first aid.

6 years ago

Proud Belieber‚̧

Every year my school donates to a charity, and pencils of promise was one of the options, but it didn't win **

6 years ago

Orion N. Illinois

THQ HumbleBundle is really proving how cheap people really are. AVG price $5.68? They honestly can't justify $10 for charity? Dissapointing!

6 years ago

Laura Taylor

RT @CharityParkerso: My group on Goodreads My blog My show:

6 years ago

Lydia E E

Found the nicest pair of Clarks, leather ankle boots in the charity shop, for £2! TWO POUNDS!

6 years ago

Kayt Sukel

RT @corktobelfast: @kaytsukel Hey, Kayt! Running my first half marathon for charity with an ambitious goal. Would love if you could help ...

6 years ago

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