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kathy furz

Mayb #FredoBARBIE can hav1of her cheap labor China companies that operate w childrn&ppl w #HumanRightsViolations ma…

1 hour ago


@CDBInvesting Liquidity on most names in the space, sucks. And too many of the names still are plagued by massive a…

2 hours ago

Andrew Nadworny

@Krystina_Death I hate these stupid names. Boomer,'s a cheap way for people to think it wins an argument.

2 hours ago

robin 📌adult losers au

how cheap would it be if i took one of my barisi gifs and just changed their names to richie and eddie

4 hours ago

Craig Stewart

@Keawyeds Hounded out by Xmas I reckon. Possibly the worst appointment of all of the names we were linked with. It…

4 hours ago

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