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on this episode of family guy the sign on the chinese restaurant says "chinese takeout" in japanese

11 years ago

Hillary Gayle

My Chinese horoscope sign is actually quite a bit like me.

11 years ago

Sir Guy of Gisbourne

@SJoy29 See you were supposed to have Chinese today. It was a sign.

11 years ago


Nobody ever noticed my stiches -____- its right under my eye yall . Some people say it looks like a chinese sign -.-

11 years ago

Bettina Wassener

Xi visits Shenzhen "strongest sign yet that he may favor more open policies" #china

11 years ago


Found the wifi password for a Chinese place the password was actually a sign Blurry but I have WiFi :)

11 years ago


@Fred_Stoller I heard charlie sheen sent lindsay lohan 100Gs to help with her delinquent taxes. Can the rest of us just sign the card?

11 years ago

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