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John Gacinski

@__Marus @The_Bible_Geek What? I didn't realize there's secular and Christian rhythm. When David danced to music,…

1 hour ago

Agatha Gregson

@muffnbear @Gormogons @SeanBannion @BryanONolan @ConfiteorDeo @mlynnjohnson72 You hit on my major objection to scre…

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BTS Tour Kickoff Brings the Noise to the Rose Bowl

1 month ago

Jae-Ha Kim 김재하

RM: “This is the most important night of my life. Many years later, I’ll definitely think about this night.” My pie…

1 month ago


Alright #BTSARMY, they killed it on the Billboard Music Awards this week, let’s get them on #clubkane tonight! Get…

1 month ago


RT @VFanbaseUK: 'Singularity' begins with a vigorous acting that has fallen asleep in a white bed hanging inside the stage.  The stage scre…

1 month ago