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pat regan

every 18 seconds I'm like "do I have covid or is that just what it feels like to have a throat?"

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Donald J. Trump

Has anybody seen or reviewed the written “pact” between Bernie Sanders & Sleepy Joe. It is further left than even B…

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RT @hrnysIutxo: 1 or 2? 😈

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Holy Spirit Mom

RT @venivici27: Dr Bassetti, Dir. Infectious Diseases S. Martino Hosp. “In Italy we don’t have an emergency or new ‘cases’ anymore. 95% of…

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Kyle Griffin

Republican Kansas Rep. Steve Watkins has been charged with three felonies related to an investigation into whether…

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Anshul Saxena

UP's Kasganj: Son of BJP MLA was without mask. When police stopped his vehicle, son complained to his MLA father &…

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Yogesh Goswami

RT @imohannarayan: मैं भक्त भगतसिंह का शहीद भगतसिंह राजगुरु सुखदेव को लाहौर सेंट्रल जेल में 23 मार्च 1931 को शाम 7:30 बजे फाँसी पर चढ़ा कर…

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RT @Sb_junny: จุนกยูในวัย 19 ปี เขียนถึงตัวเองในอีก3เดือนข้างหน้า ก่อนที่จะเดบิวต์ ตอนนั้นปี 2019 ตอนนี้ July 2020 การเดินทางบนความฝันที่ยา…

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