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Proud Trumplican

Through the CIA & a black budget with no numbers! A lot was built in the shadows! The CIA had Lockhead Martin modif…

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@yankifarber Farrakhan/neonazi- this is the 21st century DNC. #EU #UN #Senate #Congress #Libertarians #France…

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♥ن♥تحيا مصر NerMeen

RT @spectatorindex: Children born per woman. Niger: 6.5 Nigeria: 5 Egypt: 3.4 Pakistan: 2.6 India: 2.4 Argentina: 2.2 Indonesia: 2.1 Franc…

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kevin br

@SummersAnne yes a evil USA paranoic still living with cold war delusions he should focus on the real criminals th…

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L’ex-directeur de la CIA envoie Trump dans « la poubelle de l’histoire »

6 hours ago

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NST Languages Trips

The Opal Coast in Northern France is the perfect destination to enhance #French language skills, plus you can stay…

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Yes 2 French

@FranceAmerique @WhitneyYoungES Bravo! @DrLawrence2010 : "Studying in #France gave me the chance to learn another l…

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