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.@newscomauHQ China has banned ivory, but has the African elephant poaching crisis actually been stemmed?…

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China Xinhua News

Leading Chinese investment firm CICC raised China's economic growth forcast to 7% for 2018, citing stronger extern…

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01月17日 20時過ぎのトークンレート ZAIF/JPY→0.94 C- OMSA:ETH/JPY→150 COMSA:XEM/JP- Y→150 XCP/JPY→4150 BITCRYSTAL- S/JPY→90 SJCX/JPY→160…

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01月17日 19時過ぎのトークンレート ZAIF/JPY→0.96 C- OMSA:ETH/JPY→161 COMSA:XEM/JP- Y→167 XCP/JPY→4531 BITCRYSTAL- S/JPY→103 SJCX/JPY→15…

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RT @Kasou__Tuka: 01月17日 18時過ぎのトークンレート ZAIF/JPY→0.99 C- OMSA:ETH/JPY→174 COMSA:XEM/JP- Y→180 XCP/JPY→5240 BITCRYSTAL- S/JPY→105 SJCX/JPY→160 FSCC/…

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