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こんばんは🌠 どんな週末を過ごされましたか🥰 \今週の #VS魂 / #坂口健太郎 さん と #杏 さん参戦🤩 あっ😲 30日投稿の #魂Test 当たりましたか❔ 👇見逃した方は #TVer で👀…

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Ros Atkins

If you're a teacher, parent or teenager, this is worth a look. The BBC’s launched a new campaign on how to navigate…

9 hours ago

Adam Brooks 🇬🇧

This absolute hypocrite & doom monger has no more idea if restrictions are coming back than you or I, but he’s allo…

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RT @doodlebugeye: While the obvious correlation between injections and heart issues is ignored, they’re instead creating narratives that st…

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