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RT @sirayahshiraz: It's not that I'm bad at my classes, it's the teacher, if I don't get on with my teacher, I will not learn as much

5 years ago


I liked a @YouTube video from @jahovaswitniss Black Ops 2 My Classes And Barracks

5 years ago

Natalia Orszulak

I really want to go to dance classes with my friend @NataliaWilczekk ! Waiting at Monday ! Hope we will as happy as yesterday !

5 years ago

Givonne Evans

Driving classes are nightmares..

5 years ago

Bob Baptist

RT @versymiller: @BBaptistHoops, taking a year off before retuning to improve his knee. Currently taking classes and helping OSU's big men.

5 years ago

Foscaaaaaaaaaaaa ✌

@Miedzinskayyyy yeah but that's ALL THOSE CLASSES WITH OUT YOU Omg I can just see how mean I'm going to be to people cos ur not their cos

5 years ago

P. Sherman

If you are a programming language, and your classes have to be defined in two separate files, kill yourself.

5 years ago

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