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Diamond and Silk®

OMG, OMG, OMG. Where is the media on this? Did she help fund a coup? In an answer to interrogatories, Steele basic…

1 month ago

Dan Bongino

President Trump’s greatest gift IS the media hysteria over his every utterance and action. It serves to both expose…

1 month ago

Sean Hannity

FLASHBACK: Schumer Says ‘Illegal Immigration Wrong,’ Praises ‘Border Fence’… in 2009

1 month ago

Thiago Mc

RT @RACCGESTAOeMKT: Nós da RACC Gestão e Marketing, possuímos o Marketing Digital completo para a sua empresa. Conheça-nos e aumente suas v…

1 month ago

Jamil Anwar

RT @Mahim_Maher: Old legacy media is dead. These young guns don’t need newspapers and TV... @erfanyousafzai uncovers the Swat Social Media…

1 month ago