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usl4j And You, Coda Hale #usl

3 weeks ago

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RT for a chance to win this custom red version of the world’s most powerful console. Games play better on Xbox One…

3 weeks ago

Sara A. Carter

I've been noticing this for at least two weeks with my account and wonder what's been happening...has anyone else n…

3 weeks ago

Tucker Carlson

How'd we get to a place where it's normal that two parts of the country despise each other? That you can imagine th…

3 weeks ago

Cam Underwood

@BrodyLogan @STReedCred15 @Apdirtybird seth doesn't like nice things

3 weeks ago

T.M. Mackiewicz

@justgrace1776 @Thomas1774Paine @ElizbethLManess Do I need to be? I didn’t know it was required to know that Trump…

3 weeks ago