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Ronald McDonald

@Emaneercs @teach0r @chuckwoolery The drop box stuffing thing is a conspiracy theory and wouldn't even work because…

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Endothelial Cell News

RT @ShenoyLab: Our paper on the integrity of endothelial junctions led by @Eoin_McEvoy was just published in Nature Communications! Our th…

34 minutes ago

Asif Khokher

Online Couse |  Learn Essential Theory of Solar Energy, PV Modules and Systems with Calculations | Prepare for NABC…

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Bruce Elliott

@BokanTroy @abreanac Yes, I work in the aerospace world, and we use them all the time. They're the simplest way to…

2 hours ago

🇭🇷 Ruka ruku mije, 40 sekundi 🇭🇷

@JulianofAmber1 @Klaus_Arminius I have a theory that there's something in genetic code of women that turns them int…

2 hours ago

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