College tweets


@KirstyClode93 I'm going to pounce you. On the 20th I'm going to St A to watch my college show and then straight after I WILL BE AT YOURS!

11 years ago

Lorena Sacco

@lyndss_luu back to Kansas with my older sister and Eli , then to Lawrence to KU for college..

11 years ago

Morgan Hudson

I am wide awake by 8am on a saturday and I'm not mad at it one bit. Excited for a big day of college football. #HowlIfYouHearMe

11 years ago

Mike Matthews

@RealJackEdwards Do you think you'll get another college hockey assignment soon with the Brickster?

11 years ago


@LickMyPRINT_ I hate school & I don't wanna go to college & the navy is better then the army, marines & Air Force.

11 years ago

Kierra Palmer

Love finishing college 1 hour and a half before I'm meant too woooo #happysaturday

11 years ago

Hey! It's me Tee.

Hennepin technical college- eden prairie is present! Ayeee! #mscsa #presidentsgroup

11 years ago

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