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Muhammad Raafay

@talhaahmad967 According to 1901 Census of India total muslim population of Punjab was 12,183,345. Caste-wise dist…

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Paul Gold

@Con_Tomlinson There is anguish amongst the British people of this island and in there hart they are aching for a…

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Paul Gallagher

@smithsimonMEN @rhiannonlucyc it's a Con census

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Jeff sous citoyen irresponsable

@ChihuahuaOly @Irishtortue @vaccinologie @DgCostagliola Tu dis quand tu retrouves ta propagande de con census scien…

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SBS Cantonese 廣東話節目

2021年 #澳洲 #人口普查 數據公佈,澳洲人口比50年前增一倍,一半以上為第一、二代移- 民。

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