Conference tweets

CJ Underwood

Great win to open up conference play for the Bulldogs! The Socon has finally met Bennie Seltzer #witnessthebeginning

9 years ago

deepi sidhu

RT @GlobalBC: Maple Batalia's family will be at the press conference this evening. Our developing story:

9 years ago


@besskaroline @FreedomCalling8 That's awesome! Where's the conference? What's your presentation on? GL!

9 years ago


Hennessy Event Press Conference (Part 4)

9 years ago

Joe D

@cdev7387 I mean it's definitely got some of the best talent.. but it's always top like 4 teams that beat up on the rest of the conference.

9 years ago

Eric Crawford

This ISU team is typical Missouri Valley Conference quality. They know how to play the game. Covered the Valley for a couple of years.

9 years ago


Definitely moving to Nashville lol having a blast at this conference #TeamShoppe

9 years ago

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