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#fx Moody's: Megafon Confirmation Reflects Being Able to Restore Financials to Investment-Grade Rating Levels Over...

7 years ago


RT @Master_iDevicE: Satin HD will come out in the day, I had the confirmation! RT Satin HD By team SteelRa1n and @Chris_GraphiX **** http ...

7 years ago

Chatter Matters

Oh ! Looks like my earlier ①↳Pardon? PHOTO uploads ①''s Pardon again DlD PHOTO upload. I got a Cloud Agent message, no SENT confirmation.

7 years ago

i AM supernatural

And ty for the location confirmation. Did he only bring like 3 shirts tho? lol

7 years ago

Anele Mdoda

@JoburgGreg RT @yusufahmed81: @Anele still havent received any confirmation regarding showtime etc,what time must i be in Sandton?

7 years ago


RT @noahWG: Everywhere I look, I see people falling prey to confirmation bias. Just as I suspected.

7 years ago


@TorblaneRichard Hello, your order confirmation email counts as proof of postage. We can also provide an invoice if one is needed. Chris

7 years ago

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