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Michael Tracey

Yes a very "dangerous time" for TV celebrity and noted truth-teller Jim Acosta, who is employed by a massive corpor…

3 weeks ago

Drew Harwell

Another multimillion-dollar immigration-detention contract ( for the private-prison conglom…

2 weeks ago

Adam W Gaffney

The @AmerMedicalAssn has betrayed the values of the medical profession by joining the Partnership for America’s Hea…

2 weeks ago

Ebyensi N'omushenyi

RT @Samwyri: @simoninshaba @CanaryMugume I know RWI does monthly retail audits for a beer conglomerate across Uganda each month. They have…

2 weeks ago

Kevin Bhasi

RT @MisterSig: #SaveWOY #ThoughtOfTheWeek: Happiness is getting to see a show get closure the way its creator intended. Eternal happiness…

2 weeks ago

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Quite Interesting

The world’s shortest international bridge is 3.2 meters long. It connects Spain and Portugal. (Image A. Hormigo)

2 weeks ago


Airplanes fly about 600 mph, but the @Space_Station orbits our home planet at 17,500 mph and looks like a very brig…

2 weeks ago


【国際情勢分析】中国が覇権むき出し、防衛ラインに「第3列島線」浮上 - 産経ニュース 佐藤正久も昨年8月にグアム島の米軍基地でアリューシャン列島からハワイそしてNZに至る第3列島線の地図を見た。太平洋島嶼国が南シナ海のようになって…

2 weeks ago

Lavetanalagi Seru

RT @KTeaiwa: Just did a live radio interview with Charlie Tongia of the National Broadcasting Corporation PNG @NBCPNG about Project Banaba.…

2 weeks ago

Dayanand Insan

RT @MalaRani14: Dr. @gurmeetramrahim Singh Ji Insan has been promoting yoga worldwide since 1995 for which he was presented with “Award of…

2 weeks ago