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@ms_hildatacad 3d pokemon is literally so bad i wish they never made the jump... i don't wanna be one of those Game…

1 day ago

Daisy ✝️

@rightwingnutrs Even the standard tenants of feminism (equal pay, joining workforce) were never for women, more jus…

2 days ago

Maxwell Tolemus

@G0ffThew Why do people even bother criticising game journalists anymore. It's obvious they're aware of their crapp…

5 days ago

Brandyn W. Forrest

@CgWorkhorse @Fefe_HertzWC The instigating incident had Anna, Cecil, and members of the CG fandom/ consumerbase. Ro…

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@Derp9869 @patrick5087 @Equalitas999 @SolyarisNavi @MangaGamer Don't really know what the point was in leaking the…

1 week ago

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