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Latest tweets that mention “Contortionist Magdalena Stoilova showing Extreme Contortion”

Dan Bongino

Jim Comey is the latest in a long line of self-perceived “great” men taken down by extreme hubris. Comey’s percepti…

2 weeks ago

Gov. Mike Huckabee

Starting to feel sorry for ol' Joe. He's now become the incarnation of Forrest Gump, showing up in every moment of…

2 weeks ago

David Lammy

Incredible scenes in London and across the country today. @BorisJohnson you think you can get away with suspending…

2 weeks ago


@Dijamantbabin @MrLogan11001988 @ataraxie66 @CCastaner @PENELOPPE192 On dit: " Un militant d'extrême droite". En pl…

2 weeks ago