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RT @CBM31: @millerofficiel Cette contorsion pour excuser un faux témoignage! Elle ne fait qu’ajouter le ridicule à l’odieux. En fait d’émo…

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Candace Owens

The bigotry of low expectations has been seeded into the conciousness of blacks, sold to us by the extreme left. O…

1 month ago

The Daily Show

Trevor reacts to unearthed recordings showing that Trump lied his way onto the Forbes 400 list back in the 80s.…

1 month ago

Amy Siskind

Strong showing by Dems in Westchester County - NY district 37 - as Shelley Mayer wins decisively (58-42 with 76% in…

1 month ago

Sandra Nicol

RT @SpoKate: Spokane, you show off. Showing @WorkMomTravels around our fair city. #lovespokane

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#texascakehouse is just the American version of extreme cake makers right?

1 month ago