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Tabby Cat

@cosmetic_candy Yes. We can't afford to go away. Haven't been away for years & even then it was only a short stay with relatives in the UK.

1 minute ago

Miss Candy

People seem to save their holidays for going away and stuff....we seem to take them for rest days? Does anyone else do this?

2 hours ago

Miss Candy

@KatePinkSmith @OMGgemma Cos I’d say I pop in to the shops almost every week day to get whatever I fancy for dinner…

3 hours ago

Kate Smith

@cosmetic_candy @OMGgemma What?! Really?! Me about £26-30 for one. At Aldi. I spend around £100 every few months at…

3 hours ago

Lima حليمه

@cosmetic_candy I like strange usually, but not this kind of strange 😬

4 hours ago

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