Creed Aventus tweets


Creed by Aventus is the nicest aftershave ever. All men should wear it

6 years ago

Leon Wright

Creed Aventus is at the top of my Christmas list

6 years ago

Danny Boy

Main reason I'm looking forward to Christmas #Creed #Aventus

6 years ago

Sophie Waddicor

Literally think Aventus by Creed is the nicest smelling aftershave I have eveeer smelt in my life

6 years ago

Connie Dalziel

@steve_dermottDJ creed aventus nicer **

6 years ago

Sherri Thorne

RT @CREEDboutique: Half-quart (500 ml) decanters of CREED fragrances Aventus, Erolfa, Bois du Portugal & more at CREED, 877.273.3344 ...

6 years ago

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