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Did You Forget To take Your #Med, if you forgot it could have serious issues every dosage taken, delayed or missed…

4 hours ago

Nelly Elena

@javiersinc1 @lindabran1 @rpc_radio Aquí hay la MAFIA más grande en cuanto a medicamentos..1 ejemplo es CRESTOR ( c…

5 hours ago

Agent Whiskey

Vince Staples and Tyler The Crestor

17 hours ago

MsGail18 💁🏻

@SarahLerner @EricKleefeld I just hope Mueller finishes up by summer or else we all will be on Crestor by Thanksgiving.

17 hours ago


10 Days to see Demi & Asahds Crestor!!!

22 hours ago

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Jonah Goldberg

If you find yourself arguing "But they have socialized medicine" about a regime that forced millions of its citizen…

1 week ago

Fox News

.@Surgeon_General: "The first time I ever interacted with a black physician was in college, when I had the opportun…

1 week ago

The Hill

Duckworth on nicknaming Trump "Cadet Bone Spurs": Bullies need "a taste of their own medicine":…

1 week ago