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Mohamad Safa

They don’t want intelligent population. They don’t want well informed, well educated youth capable of critical thin…

1 day ago

Vala Afshar

What I needed to learn in highschool: 1. Public speaking 2. Customer service 3. Creative writing 4. Conflict reso…

23 hours ago


A surge in #fakenews and misinformation means that social media literacy is more important than ever before. Crit…

9 hours ago

Colleen Callan

RT @Brasilmagic: @tedcruz Oh Ted...critical thinking missing? That’s a joke to show how men like YOU think it’s ok to control a woman’s bod…

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@RabbiJill get some critical thinking skills

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Dan Crenshaw

Maybe focus on some history, a bit of civic duty, and critical thinking before encouraging outrage-fueled activism…

1 month ago

Margaret McCartney

Please let 2020 be the year of critical thinking Asking hard questions on evidence , what it tells us and what it…

1 month ago

Jeffrey Guterman

@realDonaldTrump Trump Derangement Syndrome [#TDS] afflicts tRump supporters, not his detractors. Key features incl…

1 month ago


RT @qntmpkts: As has been obvious to me in social media with all of the #FakeMAGA shills, traitors abound. They don't simply want you in th…

1 month ago

Dr. Sune Auken, #FBPE #HaveDemocracy #DDFE

RT @GenreResearch: This is your daily reminder that you have millions of friends and allies in the EU. Also, Brexit reminds us that the be…

1 month ago