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El Croc

@Smileygirl19681 @Rainbowwraith The whole EU is heading toward recession and collapse unless they get more cash cow…

4 hours ago

Deadly Croc

@JasonBarat88 Coinbase "cash" app, Bitcoin ATMs?? they want my fiat? will they accept bananas or rice noodles inste…

5 hours ago

Crypto J

@Salt_Water_Croc Coinbase cash app Bitcoin ATMs a number of other sites i dont know about. So, you dont understan…

6 hours ago


@kenziedrawz How much cash for croc plush or elephant plush?

2 days ago

El Croc

RT @TheFogeys: So political parties must be transparent about their funding, but not private citizens who make it there business to interfe…

3 days ago

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