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@TanteWillemijn :/ yeh know that problem... but cold is nice if you wanna curl up in blankets

7 years ago


@michurros ((Yep~)) *somehow managed to curl up on his face and sleep there the whole night* *cookie is a weird kitty burrito*

7 years ago

Spiral Natural Foods

Winter has arrived! Curl up with some Celestial Seasonings Holiday Tea! 5 flavors - only 2/$5! Try Candy Cane, Gingerbread, or Sugar Cookie!

7 years ago


After watching Elf it just makes me want to watch a load of Christmas films, curl into a ball and eat cookie dough

7 years ago


Well, that's a first. I have never seen a cookie sheet curl up on me in the oven.

7 years ago

Debbie Doo

@CookingtonCook Oh wee cookie. You must be so worried. Come on. Curl up on the bottom of my bed and I'll stroke your ears.

7 years ago

Rachel Csutoros

"That just makes me want to curl up into a ball of innocence." @mollygracepark "I'm just sitting here eating my cookie on a Saturday night."

7 years ago

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