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Kami Mattioli

Checking in from @victussports HQ today. Yeah, I'm customizing bats to my shoes. You can too:

6 years ago

Jösë Migüël Cärdözö

Citroën Relive your 2012 in video by customizing your own card and by sharing it with your friends!

6 years ago


@Pandora_Noir yeah I never bothered with customizing my cards, I just get the ones that look the least ugly lol

6 years ago

Lucas Land

Customizing the Help Desk at #KACEKon12 (@ Make It Your Own: The K1000 Service Desk (Advanced) #KACEKon12

6 years ago

Jesse Lucas

RT @DAKOTASPENCER: do I have a life I'm currently on the Internet customizing an Xbox controller for myself....

6 years ago

Mary Sevinsky

RT @hypebeast_pat: RT @GreatResume: 3 Keys to Customizing Your Resume:

6 years ago

babe-ilicious beauty

@veedramon im customizing a character in tekken to be yura from nier ahaha

6 years ago

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