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Anthem hater

60 percent of the time I devote to clinical legal education (CLED) is spent on learning how to edit PDF, Microsoft…

7 hours ago

Domin0 Kamiya

Cooooooooooooool stream! Hit 100 followers. Finished Digimon: Cyber Sleuth. Had some people hanging out the whole t…

12 hours ago

Kausar De

@Raykid27 @BandaiNamcoUS @cyber_senpai7 Ultra instinct/limit breaker for all races and the ability for Frieza's to…

14 hours ago

Ninine 🇺🇸

RT @margaux_gomar22: Les gens me dégoûtent je sais pas si vous vous rendez compte du mal que vous faites... En plus c'est pas comme si on é…

18 hours ago

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