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Dad’s Christmas Lights on the House: The Beginning #Lifestyle #Blog

15 hours ago

Erev Impeachment✨

oh and it’s a breakup over a blog post where she insulted my dad (anonymously but of course my parents knew who she…

4 days ago

20 Years in the Secret Service

I wrote this blog last year about Dad's award ceremony and why you don't want to take a 2-year-old to the White Hou…

6 days ago

All I Want for Christmas is TWoW.

My first game I ever played was the MediEvil demo at my dad's house. ♥️ The remake coming out this year is a happy…

6 days ago

Trav is sitting, writing, wishing

@amandadeibert I think being a writer from home/stay-at-home dad. My wife and I created a parenting blog and I get…

1 week ago

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