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Pak Kafir

Muslims should dedicate one of their 5 daily prayers to Moses because he saved them from having to pray 50 times a day 😂🤣😂

31 minutes ago

Pak Kafir

@m_cpw @XGONDALX @TheHarrisSultan Like Allah wanting 50 daily prayers? Hows that for repetition? 😂🤣😂

33 minutes ago

Yahya Malik

4 Tebdili, @ImranKhanPTI must act aggrssvly in interest of Pak SC/HCs must b replaced by joint Islamic+military co…

4 hours ago


2/25/2021 Daily leaders: $QAT $PAK $PGAL $OIH $CHIE Daily laggards: $REMX $LIT $YOLO $ARKK $XSD

4 hours ago

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