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BBC Politics

“Under no circumstances will the UK government be imposing checks or controls of any kind on the border” UK PM tel…

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DNC War Room

.@fred_guttenberg is spot-on. There is no reason to believe anything Trump says. On guns, on health care, or on any…

23 hours ago

David A. Graham

Indeed, who is our bigger enemy, the chairman of the foreign country I've repeatedly criticized for trade practices…

8 hours ago

kt 🦒

RT @bjcreigh: @realDonaldTrump Oh. You mean the guy that did 4 tours of duty in Iraq? Or do you think it’s funny how this hit my 401K? O…

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Frosty ♡ Ten

my dog is so cute, when I tell him that we're going to sleep, he checks my bed and me then he sleeps under my bed o…

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