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Duke Manyweather

Keep in mind: When a guy is clearly draftable on tape, checks the all-star & combine box, but "slips" or goes undrafted, teams have info!

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How often do you check your fence? Rotten or broken fences are an open door to thieves. Routine checks prevent crim…

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HTTPS checks in our Site Audit ✅Mixed content ✅No redirects or canonicals ✅HTTP in the sitemap ✅HTTPS links to HTT…

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RT @HanoyShan: @maggieNYT He understands nothing about our government or democracy. Checks & balances are in place to keep a single party f…

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Steven Flanders

@ArthurBundy They decided to try a fedrrated system, with most power residing in locals or states, within an elegan…

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