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Jason O. Gilbert

TYRION: People love stories. And no one has a better story than Bran ARYA, WHO LEARNED SHAPE-SHIFTING AND MURDERED…

1 month ago

Shannon Watts

Babies were shot to death inside a Texas church and you - a lawmaker - did nothing because you’re beholden to the…

1 month ago

Charlie Kirk

Republicans never had to fake a justification or create a salacious dossier for investigations We had firm eviden…

1 month ago

Chowkidar Balu Iyer

RT @timesofindia: Congress President @RahulGandhi, UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi and Congress General Secretary for UP (East) @priyankagandh…

4 weeks ago

RT @ribbitit: looking up a character from a new anime you're watching and seeing death next to their name as one of the search suggestions…

4 weeks ago

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