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Sebastian Roché

When I took my oath as a citizen,I realized how important Checks & Balances & the Rule of Law & the Constitution we…

20 hours ago

J. P. Gownder

@NateSilver538 Absurd. The whole point of our Constitutional system of checks and balances is to have oversight. Co…

1 day ago

Anurag Kashyap

Poor becahara Chowkidaars. Why waste your effort on someone who checks twitter once in two days? What’s the rate th…

1 week ago


I swear i can look at her for hours 😩 she so fine with her short self 😍 i love how she be knowing when she done fuc…

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RT @VamppChan: Bang Chan the man who's always been there for his members and never allowed to leave anyone behind the man who's always bee…

3 minutes ago

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