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Faheem Younus, MD

So I’m hearing many myths about #COVID-19 and would like to quickly clear the record. Coronavirus will go away in…

1 week ago

Emily Andras

Can't believe the first COVID celebrity death was Vanessa Hudgens' career

1 week ago

Candace Owens

News from the #Coronavirus you won’t find anywhere else! The US Surgeon General says the average age for death is…

1 week ago

Nino Pagliccia

RT @BenjaminNorton: Iran could potentially be facing MILLIONS of deaths from coronavirus. But US sanctions make it "virtually impossible" f…

1 week ago

spike daniel ✡️

RT @AbshirDSM: What I witnessed today in Chicago is likely a death sentence for many voters simply trying to have their voice heard. The st…

1 week ago