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The Tylt

It was a close! Congratulations to #TeamEXO and EXO-Ls. @WeAreOneEXO is the fave K-pop group with 50.3% of the vote…

19 hours ago

George Takei

You can teach a man to hate, or you can teach him to spell, but apparently not both.

15 hours ago

Pastor Mark Burns

I will NEVER RESIGN or Abandon @POTUS over #Charlottesville. He needs his spiritual Advisers more than Ever..!

1 day ago


RT @HalfAtlanta: why they ain't go dark for the 400 killed in sierra leone or the 200+ killed in the congo this week?…

just now


como cuando te levantas creyendo que son las 10:00 pero te das cuenta que son las 8:30😭😭😭

just now

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Meu celular caiu e a tela ficou parecendo uma proteção de tela do Homem Aranha. Dê um RT ou vai acontecer isso com…

1 day ago


don't want another pretty face💕 don't want just anyone to hold☺️ don't want my love to go to waste just want nazis to die in a hole💀👌🏼

1 day ago

Deltan Dallagnol

Gilmar Mendes demora em média 22 dias para examinar liminarmente um habeas corpus. No caso de Barata, demorou 1 dia

19 hours ago