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@ashishtweetz @smash05 @JulianRoepcke @intellipus @TwitterSupport @Twitter @jack They provide data. No type of disi…

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@mikeolliston @jack Hi Mike, #MeWe is here!🥳 MeWe is the uplifting #SocialNetwork inspired by love, control and tru…

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Xiao Liu

@jd_wilko @FaesLiv Hey Jack, thanks for the feedback! The 5 studies performed a proper out-of-sample external valid…

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🎃 Data Jack 🎃

@DearMrAtheist @Shann_Q0 It is a mystery.

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Dr. Unicorn

@Jack_Mangano @arkeotp Your Internet is just a mailbox that you stick a hard drive in so the Comcast delivery guy c…

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