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Christmas music or gtfo here

8 hours ago


the fire thing about music is you can express the wildest and furthest parts of the emotions youre experiencing, ev…

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#NgiyakThanda❤️ #Azania

I’m slowly realizing that my purpose on this planet is to tell the world about this side of the coin. To elaborate…

14 hours ago


RT @AnimalDefenders: #Lion Simba soaks up the tranquil surroundings of his #foreverhome. No more screaming crowds & shouting circus workers…

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ㄚㄩиб ∆кЯ◊๒∑ɬ◊👑🇬🇭

RT @Nanaasihene: The creative sector in Ghana has nurtured itself, raised itself, fed itself and managed to clothe itself. If a Gov wants t…

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