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Toxic Ohio Populist ☣️🇺🇸🍻

@_dyinginspanish My products were never super expensive, I'm just tired of the "MY MEEMAW WASHES HER FACE WITH DAWN…

2 minutes ago

Eshia Mercedes

one thing about it, that cleaning vinegar, ammonia, & dawn dish detergent gone do what needs to be done. 🙌🏽

4 minutes ago

Erinn Casey

@Jujubean2726 Dawn dish soap and hydrogen peroxide...stat!!!

16 minutes ago

kibson || kib day !!

One time I had a mental breakdown and covered myself in Vaseline and then had to shower with dawn dish soap for a week :)

38 minutes ago

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Let's settle this. RT: New York Style Like: Chicago Deep Dish #NationalPizzaDay

3 weeks ago

Michael Sheetz

SpaceX's Starlink Kit — with the dish, a mount and the WiFi router:

3 weeks ago


RT @KhantThuLinn: Myanmar people need your engineering support on satellite internet that doesn’t require dish, from your research project.…

3 weeks ago