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@nickbaird310 @StLouisBlues I’m sure the police and detectives who deal with 180-200 homicides annually will apprec…

4 weeks ago

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Maura Chanz

As you all are switching to black brands, here are a few of my daily essentials:

4 weeks ago


These labels posting black squares today - sign black artists to 5 + album deals - put language in the contract…

4 weeks ago


how can white people go on the news saying they’re “afraid to go outside to vote because of the protests” and not u…

4 weeks ago


RT @wuvrio: @imhartdenise tru,, daily reminder na wag tayo magaasawa

4 weeks ago


RT @TomoMachi: 「あいちトリエンナーレに税金を使ったのが許せない」と大村県知事のリコールを目指す面々が税金を使われた桜を見る会で浮かれていたメンバーという面白さ。

4 weeks ago