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@Maximusfishing @eastcoastavocet I’m a monger too! True story, Fellmonger! Dealer in skins and hides (with fur atta…

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Anyone else remember in Skins seeing a 17 year old outsmart a gangster drug dealer who famously killed some nuns by eating a spicy pepper?

3 days ago

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Washington Post

FCC repeals net neutrality rules, allowing Internet providers to speed up, slow down or block service for apps and…

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“As a result of today's misguided action, our broadband providers will get extraordinary new powers. They will have…

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Edward Snowden

"We can match your face to your car. We can match every face to an ID card. We can track your movements one week ba…

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@KateVsTheWorld To be fair, normies first fate anything was that apocrypha and the mobile game. Did u see some of t…

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RT @ajc: Argument over car boot leads to gunfire in Buckhead.

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