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อิซึรินะ 伊豆田莉奈 Izurina

BNK48 ยินดีด้วยน้าาาาาาาา💜💜💜 อยากไป- ดูStageใหม่♪♪ อยากขึ้นTheater- ด้วย~~~~~~5555 BNK48のみんな新しいス- テージおめでとう💓 新しいステージ見に行きた…

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Ministry of Textiles

Deen Dayal Hastkala Sankul in Varanasi has been set up to develop and promote handloom products and carry forward t…

1 day ago


Himachal Pradesh Minister Sukhram Chaudhary, who has tested positive for COVID-19, has been shifted from Deen Dayal…

1 day ago

Maryam Inuwa

RT @aiishadahir: A pious spouse is worth the wait. While waiting, make sure you make yourself pious in Deen so that Allah will give you a p…

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I’m So locked in my Deen I just want to become a better Muslim daily Ameen..

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Foodie ☾

The way people twist deen to fit in. سبحان الله scary and unacceptable.

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Mercedes, com M de mama aqui ó Glub glub

@lawrensluvv Tenho as certeza que não dessa forma, e ela tem 16

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